It’s finally here

Or, happy birthday to my beautiful book baby

Hello, dear readers —

It’s finally here. Publication day for Turning Pointe. I hope you got more sleep than I did last night!

I’ll keep this newsletter short and sweet, and simply say that I hope your copy reaches you soon, I hope you find it illuminating and thought-provoking, and I hope you’ll join me at one of these upcoming events:

Tonight, Tuesday May 4 at The Strand at 7pm ET, with my dear friend the journalist Jordan Kisner (virtual, tickets here).

May 10, at my local Iowa City indie Prairie Lights at 7pm CT, with the brilliant novelist, short story writer, and essayist Brandon Taylor (virtual, tickets here).

May 12, at an event hosted by Not Sorry Productions, which makes the hit podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. I’ll be talking with co-host and my wonderful friend Vanessa Zoltan about ballet and justice (virtual, tickets here).

I’m grateful to everyone who’s pre-ordered and told their friends about this book, and ready for it to go out into the world and effect change in ballet and beyond. What an extraordinary privilege.

Thanks, as always, for reading,


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